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Elektrikli Çözücü Gömme

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Çözücü Tipi Elektrikli
Renk Koyu Gri
Boyut 22x17x6 Cm
Ağırlık 1.416 Gr.
Hammadde Plastik
Uygulama Alanı Gömme
Enerji Sınıfı A+

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    It’s not acidity, it’s the teurepatmre. I remembered that from Nature on PBS. Here it is from Wikipedia:Coral bleaching refers to the loss of color of corals due to stress-induced expulsion of symbiotic unicellular algae. The corals that form the structure of the great reef ecosystems of tropical seas depend on a symbiotic relationship with photosynthesizing unicellular algae called zooxanthellae that live within their tissues. Zooxanthellae give coral its particular coloration, depending on the clade living within the coral. Under stress, corals may expel their zooxantheallae, which leads to a lighter or completely white appearance, hence the term &#;2c0;blea2hed&#82218.

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